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An alliance of 1,200 physicians caring for more than 600,000 represents considerable influence, Methodist Physicians Alliance is able to attract and negotiate additional benefits that assist our members with their practices.


Atlantic Health Partners offers a discounted group purchasing program for vaccines and medical supplies. Atlantic Health Partners is one of the nation’s leading vendors and offers a program that is very extensive and will provide significant discounts to participating providers.

Atlantic management has collectively over 70 years experience providing practice improvement and vaccine purchasing support services to more than 5,000 physicians. Atlantic currently works with over 40 physician organizations including the Texas Academy of Family Physicians. Affiliated physicians have been able to more profitably provide vaccines to their patients, which is critical to practice stability considering the growing number of required vaccines.

MPA physicians will benefit from the following:

  • Advantageous pricing for all necessary pediatric, adolescent, adult flu and travel vaccines
  • Favorable purchasing and payment terms allowing better management of inventory and cash flow
  • Will not be required to make large, multiple product orders
  • Orders and delivery directly from vaccine manufacturers such as Sanofi Pasteur and Merck

To become part of Atlantic Health Partners national purchasing agreement, simply fax a completed Affiliation Agreement and Application – Practice Information Form (click here to download form) to Atlantic Health Partners at 860-606-9970.

Please contact Jeff Winokur or Cindy Berenson for application information and participation requirements.

Atlantic Health Partners
6 Forest Park Drive, Bldg. 6,
Farmington, CT 06032
800-741-2044 (Tel)
860-606-9970 (Fax)

Aflac delivers a full range of worksite services and payroll-deducted insurance policies offered on a voluntary basis. Aflac offers policies which are designed to pay benefits directly to the policyholder. These benefits may be used to help with out-of-pocket expenses for a serious illness or accident, pays in addition to any insurance coverage and can be offered on a stand alone basis. Aflac premiums are 100% employee funded, with no direct cost to the employer. Aflac policies include:

  • 24-Hour Accident-Only – emergency treatment benefit, specific-sum injuries benefit, accidental-death benefits, wellness and more
  • Short-Term Disability – benefits paid regardless of any other insurance and paid directly to you (unless otherwise selected), guaranteed-renewable to age 70
  • Cancer/Specified-Disease – hospital confinement benefit, radiation and chemotherapy benefit, surgical/anesthesia benefit and much more
  • Hospital Confinement Indemnity – hospital confinement benefit, rehabilitation unit benefit, surgical benefit and much more
  • Specified Health Event – pays a first-occurrence benefit as well as hospital confinement and continuing care benefits for specific health events
  • Hospital Intensive Care – daily ICU confinement benefit, daily sub-acute unit confinement benefit and much more
  • Dental – freedom of choice, portable, pays regardless of any other insurance you may have, no deductible
  • Life – provides up to $200,000 of whole life, term life, or term life with a return of premium benefit, waiver of premium benefit, optional spouse & child riders, optional accidental-death benefit rider
  • Hospital Confinement Sickness Indemnity – physician visits benefit, initial hospitalization benefit, major diagnostic exams benefit, surgical benefit and much more
  • Vision – eye examination benefit, vision correction benefit, specific eye disease/disorder benefit, no network restrictions and much more

For additional information on any of these Aflac supplemental insurance policies, please contact the AFLAC account manager for MPA:

Yvette Schycker
5016 FM 1518
Selma, TX 78154
210-744-2030 (Tel)
210-946-7092 (Fax)


Methodist Physician Alliance (MPA) has formed an alliance with AdvantageTrust to offer a discounted group purchasing program. Through MPA your office has access to the AdvantageTrust program at no cost to you.

AdvantageTrust is a division of HealthTrust Purchasing Group, a leading health care group purchasing organization with over a decade of success. On average, our members save between 8 percent and 10 percent on supplies and services. The AdvantageTrust program is very extensive and offers a significant number of vendor contracts including:

  • Office and Medical Supplies
  • Express Shipping
  • X-ray Film
  • Computers
  • Standard Forms
  • Long Distance
  • Shipping
  • Furniture

Advantage Trust uses the buying power of a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) representing member hospitals and clinics. Program discounts represent negotiations based on $17 billion in annual volume purchasing.

To participate in the AdvantageTrust program, please log on to their website. Additional information can be found at and if you want to start the enrollment process, just complete the LOCATION INFORMATION FORM on the main page. Once you submit all of the information requested on the provider form successfully, AdvantageTrust will send out an agreement package for review. The physician must sign and return the agreement before beginning the enrollment process. Once registered, access the Purchasing Point Portal on the AdvantageTrust website to find vendors.

Member Services


MPA members may receive medical liability coverage through either The Doctors Company or Texas Medical Liability Trust.  Select the program in which you have an interest for program details.


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