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Methodist Physician Alliance (MPA) is a non-profit healthcare organization formed to represent physicians credentialed with Methodist Healthcare System institutions. MPA has grown to an organization of more than 1,200 providers. The network enters into discounted fee-for-service contracts with employers and payors via the Messenger Model process.

MPA has partnered with multiple vendors to give members access to benefit programs and discounts that optimize pricing through group purchasing.


  • Are there costs associated with becoming a member?
    MPA physicians pay a one-time application fee of $250 (non-refundable) and current annual dues of $75.

  • Do members have to participate in all offered programs?
    No. Members do not have to participate in all programs, they can choose which programs they want to participate in.

  • How do we become a member?
    You will pay a non-refundable application fee and submit your Texas credentials and proof of malpractice insurance coverage. Physicians must have medical staff privileges with at least one Methodist Healthcare System facility (hospital or ancillary). To begin, complete a pre-application form

The MPA Board of Directors

President: Paul Hancock, M.D.

Jesse Moss Jr., M.D.

George Richmond Jr., M.D.

Lloyd Van Winkle, M.D.


Director: Kayren Douglas

Provider Relations: Yolanda Rios

A Tribute to Dr. Lewis Purnell, MD

Dr. Lewis Purnell, MD had served as a Methodist Physicians Alliance board member since his appointment in November 2000 and although he recently passed on, he will be greatly missed for years to come. His contributions to the board as a member will long be remembered. He never backed away from responsibility and readily accepted the challenge of being appointed medical director. He reviewed more member applications than any other board member, always remaining mindful of his responsibility to uphold the rigorous MPA standards, insuring the highest quality of care for our patients, at all times. He will always be remembered for his humor and genuinely friendly personality, but most of all, for his contributions as an exemplary physician.

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